Isagenix Cause & Effect

Isagenix Cause and Effect


Isagenix Cause and Effect

Nutritional Cleansing, Cellular Replenishing, Youthful Aging

All foods have cause and effect. When do you feel most sexy and confident?

  1. When you are lean?
  2. What about when you are bloated, crampy, depressed, or puffy? 

What would it be like if you could eat and feel lighter in your body? Would you feel stronger and more confident? Think about a time when you felt really powerful. Do you have a favorite outfit you put on and know that you feel amazing? What if you could feel amazing even in sweats? If you knew the effect food was having on your body you would be amazed.

Everything we eat has an effect on our health. Our food determines the quality of our blood, which affects our cells, tissues, organs and even our minds. When we eat healthy foods, we strengthen our bodies. When we eat foods without nutritional value, we weaken our bodies. Choosing foods that supply us with adequate vitamins and minerals is essential to our well- being. Once we are physically healthier, we can begin to live a more vibrant and full life.The opportunity Isagenix is changing lives PROTEIN SHAKES are the craze everywhere you look these days, but whatever you do, make the right choices. All protein shakes are NOT created equal.

Make sure to AVOID these:

  • Any soy-based shake, since unfermented soy is bad for you, as it interferes with nutrient absorption, messes with hormonal balance and esp. thyroid function, and can even result in breast cancer. If soy is GMO, it’s only so much worse.
  • Any whey-based shake that’s not organic and uses whey ISOLATE – stay away from cheap whey! What you want is organic UNDENATURATED whey CONCENTRATE that’s Grade 7, which is the highest quality possible.
  • Any shake that’s not a full-meal replacement. You can recognize it by its extremely low caloric count, below 240 calories. They would also suggest to mix it with some kind of milk or juice. You want a shake that you can mix with water and be good to go!
  • Any shake that doesn’t give you ALL of the necessary 90 essential body building blocks: trace minerals, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, omega 3s, prebiotics, live enzymes, Grade 7 protein, healthy fats and carbs, etc.
  • Any shake that contains artificial sweeteners or other chemical additives.
  • Any shake that doesn’t have a 100% money-back guarantee and free product usage coaching.
  • Any shake produced by a company younger than 10 yrs. that hasn’t proved its integrity on the market. There’s ONLY ONE shake out there that fulfills ALL of the above requirements. The choice is clear=ISAGENIX!






Note: Thanks to Brynn Gaber Wilson for sharing this great simplified summary.

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