Guaranteed Reasons Isagenix’s not Seen on Store Shelves

Guaranteed Reasons Isagenix Is Not on Store Shelves


Guaranteed Reasons Isagenix Is Not on Store Shelves

Have you ever questioned why this amazing product is only available through a friend and not available in stores? I used to wonder that myself!

John Anderson, the Master Formulator & Creator of Isagenix, has created many products that are sold in stores. He has observed what happened to his formulations through this medium, how the profit margin and pricing must have a certain structure to be sold in stores. He’s seen the hit or miss assistance that retail stores give a customer when using products.

Jim Rhoades, one of the top Nutritionists associated with Isagenix was the CEO of a leading Health and Wellness supplement company. He too learned the way that products are priced. After Jim examined the quality ingredients in the Isalean shake,  he knew without question that the mark up retail to most stores would have to be about $99 a canister. Using this venue, who could afford to pay $7 per shake and take all the other elements of the program?

So, Isagenix decided to do this differently. In order to make the product affordable, they had two options.

  • Most companies who retail a product through stores must compromise the quality of their product to bring the cost down. Isagenix could have done this. They could have used a different whey protein instead of importing the highest quality whey in the world from New Zealand where it undergoes a slow and expensive pasteurization process. But John Anderson wanted his company to create “no compromise” products.
  • That left one other option, direct sales via network marketing. They  structured the company to eliminate advertising and distribution costs associated with over the counter retail. They’ve also added personal contact and real relationships between people who choose to cleanse and the person they get their product from. This means thousands of people like you get to experience a cleanse with personal coaching.

What a genius concept.  Byers getting help with someone who’s previously done it before.

John Anderson says repeatedly this is why he chose network marketing for his products. I, for one am so thankful he did.

If you are having success on the system, chances are friends, family and coworkers are noticing and getting interested in following your lead. That’s how this business works. People have success, they share the cleanse and the company rewards you for sharing. It is truly a win, win, win scenario. Your friend wins by getting healthy, the company wins by getting another loyal customer, and you win by getting to help someone you know and making some money.

When you’re ready to share your success with a friend, get back to the person who introduced you to Isagenix. They can help explain the products, the company and show you how to open accounts for your friends.

If you have yet to experience these amazing products let me help you get started. 🙂


This message was originally written by Kim Reeves on Friday, March 25, 2011. With her permission, it has been shared with you.

  1. Meire Weishaupt
    Meire Weishaupt04-16-2014

    It is amazing when we can try or buy a product when someone already have done this. Also, the facility for buying makes us to take the decision faster than if we need to go to the store, and search and read about it. Thanks for the info!

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