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Stephanie White stephanie-white

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Independent Associate and Cleansing Coach

”Every day our bodies ingest all different kinds of chemicals, toxins and impurities. Not only that, but our bodies are also constantly giving off what are known as free radicals, or negatively charged molecules that attack your body’s cells.”

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  1. Crystal Comeau
    Crystal Comeau04-20-2015

    Hi Stephanie,

    I met you at the Oromocto Market last week. I am the Organo Gold distributor. So after a week of of thinking an researching I think my hubby and I are on-board to do the 30 Day System -Method 1 (9 day express start) depending on costs of course.

    Can you send me more info (cost to do wholesale – I think you said $29.99- and the cost of the products)?


  2. Stephanie White
    Stephanie White04-21-2015

    Hi Crystal I sent you an email 🙂

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